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Exploring the New Hooks in React 18: useTransition, useDeferredValue, useId, useSyncExternalStore, and useInsertionEffect

In this article, we will explore the new Hooks introduced in React 18, including the useTransition, useDeferredValue, useId, useSyncExternalStore, and useInsertionEffect Hooks. We will learn about the features and capabilities of each Hook and see how to use them in functional components. These Hooks provide powerful and flexible ways to build reusable and performant components in React.

Building a Microservice with Node.js and Docker

This article provides a step-by-step guide for building a microservice using the popular Node.js and Docker technology stack. The article covers the basics of microservices and the Node.js and Docker technology stack, as well as how to set up a development environment, write and test your microservice code, and build and run a Docker container for your microservice.

Driving Value through Digital Ethics, Sustainable Innovation, and Inclusive Design

This article discusses the concepts of digital ethics, sustainable innovation, and inclusive design, and how they can drive value for businesses, organizations, and society. Digital ethics refers to the principles and values that guide the design, development, and use of digital technologies. Sustainable innovation refers to the development and adoption of technologies and practices that are both innovative and environmentally and socially responsible. Inclusive design refers to the practice of designing products, services, and systems that are accessible and usable by people with a wide range of abilities and needs. By embracing these values, businesses and organizations can create technologies and solutions that drive value for all stakeholders, while also contributing to a more ethical, sustainable, and inclusive society. The article includes examples of companies that have embraced these values and the initiatives they have implemented to do so.